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One of the amazing things about Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers is that we have only a small core group of former Peace Corps Volunteers and supporters, and yet we've managed to accomplish quite a bit. However, that doesn't mean that the problems at the Peace Corps and Department of Labor have been solved. We aren't part of the Peace Corps or Department of Labor. We can't change your case worker or get your claim approved. But we can listen and empathize with you and may be able to connect you with others who have experienced the frustrations of health issues and dealing with inefficient systems .  We are in contact with the Peace Corps and can often help you get assistance.


Your emails to us are confidential, and you will need to give us permission if you want us to share anything personal with the Peace Corps. And when someone asks us to pass their information along to the Post Service Medical Unit at the Peace Corps, we need to know exactly what we should pass along. By filling out this form, you'll help us protect your privacy and make sure that only the information you want passed to Peace Corps goes there. Please copy this page, fill it out, paste it in and email it to us.


Do you give permission for Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers to send this form to the Peace Corps' Post Service Medical Unit? (type "yes" here if you do)


What is the best way for the Peace Corps to contact you? (email, phone, address, etc)


Describe the problem you are having in a paragraph or two. The Peace Corps may ask for more, but this will give them an idea.


Thanks! We'll send this information on to the Peace Corps when we receive your response.

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Contact Peace Corps

Currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers should contact

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers should email or call >202-692-1540 (Monday - Friday).

There is also an emergency 24-hour crises hotline staffed by Peace Corps counseling and outreach staff: 855-855-1961 x1470 or 202-692-1470.