• Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers

    Supporting those who served

  • Supporting those who served

    Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers

Final mark-ups of House and Senate Legislation released.

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Senator Poe telling the story of one Volunteer, Sara Tompson (June 14th, 2018)

What We Do

Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers (HJPCV) fights to ensure Peace Corps Volunteers, sick or injured by their service overseas, obtain the support and benefits to which they are entitled by law.

The Problem

The Peace Corps is an amazing organization that helps people around the world. Why are their volunteers returning home sick? Why are they unable to get medical care, even though it is guaranteed by law?

How We Help

HJPCV works to change the way the Peace Corps treats those who became ill or disabled because of their Peace Corps service. Find out more about our research, proposals, and advocacy efforts and how you can help as well!

Getting Help

Looking for help? This information can help current and former Peace Corps Volunteers or their family members get more information about the confusing process of health care during and after service.